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Sirss El Layanne : 6th. Gamadi Akher 1429, corresponding to 10th.

June 2008. joyful tidings to all those who unify The One and Only Lord, and who believe in His Holy

Books, and His Books of Value, that have been brought forth by the Miraculous Codes of The Koran

The Slaves of The Lord, Ibrahim Mostafa Kamel, and his wife Om Nour, announce the discovery

from among the secrets deposited by The Lord in His Glorious Koran, confirmed by irrefutable

numerical computer evidence, that The Koran contains:  (The Torah) (The Book of Moses), (The

Enjeel) (The Book of Jesus), The Zabour (The Book of David), (The Forkan) (The Book of Holy Laws,

contained in parts in The Torah, The Enjeel, The Zabour and The Koran), and The One Hundred

 Books of Value, starting with (The Documents of Abraham and Moses), each of them as named by the

Lord, all this in accordance with the evidence that initiated the search for them, and which


 1.The words of the Disciple Abou Bakr Alseddik[1], may the Lord be content of him: (I heard

 The Messenger of The Lord, may the Prayers and Peace of The Lord be upon Him, say: (In each Book

 (Holy Books) there is a secret, and The Lord's Secret in The Koran are the openings (isolated letters

 starting 29 of the 114 Chapters of The Koran) of The Chapters[2]), and

  2.The saying of The Messenger of The Lord, may the Prayers and Peace of The Lord be upon Him, who

said: (The Lord,may he be glorified and honored, revealed from the sky one hundred and four Books, He

then deposited their learning's in four of them, The Torah, The Enjeel, The Zabour, and The Forkan,

then He deposited the learning's of The Torah, The Enjeel, The Zabour, and The Forkan, in The detailed

 Koran, then He deposited The Learning's of The Detailed in The Opening Chapter of The Book, he

who understands their meanings will be as he who has understood the meanings of all The Lord's

 Revealed Books[3]), and       

3.The Numerical Codes[4] that link The Numerical Miracle with the meanings of The Verses, which

 The Lord, may he be glorified and honored, deposited in The Glorious Koran, in:

  (1)  Verses number 30 and 31 of The Chapter Al Muddather [number 4 as revealed and 74 in The Koran]


 (2)  Verse number 1 of The Chapter Al Fateha [number 5 as revealed and 1 in The Koran] and

 (3)  Verse number 3 in The Chapter Al Fagr [number 10 as revealed and 89 in The Koran].

 Thus The Lord, may he be glorified and honored, bequeathed to Humanity the irrefutable

 numerical evidence linked to the meanings through the computer, that The Koran, The Torah, The

 Enjeel, The Zabour, The Forkan and the One Hundred Books and their names:

 1. Can only be revealed by The One and Only Lord, as it is irrefutably proven that the Codes of The

Koran apply to all of them in both numerical and linguistic meanings and can not be written by human

 beings, even assisted by computers.

 2.  Include The Laws of The Lord that can neither be changed or exchanged, unifying The Heavenly

 Religions in The Unification of The One and Only Lord, while each of the Religions retain

thejurisprudence and ways of worship of The Messenger they elected to follow, may the Prayers and

 Peace of The Lord be upon Them all, we can not segregate among any of them. 

3. Act to transform antagonism among Religions, into brotherly collaboration to construct communities of faith and peace

based on the contemporary principals of The Laws of The Lord, read and perceived in brotherhood,

 love and mutual respect, away from fanaticism and violence that lead to depredation in this world and

the thereafter. 

The Company “ALM The Last Message”, that publishes what has been accomplished

on its Web Site on the Internet, informs all people that the number of those who have accessed its site

directly has reached to date 18 Million, and those who have accessed indirectly through linked sites

 has reached 172 Million from all over the world. O Lord we have informed, O Lord witness.   

 A close disciple of The Messenger, and the First Caliph of Islam.[1]                                                                      

 Saying agreed on by all scholars in Islamic Jurisprudence.[2]

Confirmed by Al Bayhaki in his book The Paths of Faith.[3]

    [4]The Codes of The Light of Faith revealing the numerical miracle of The Koran


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