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Competition and the prize of Ramadan Umrah .....details





* Egyptian software companies discover that the Qur'an came down with a blade Digital * Qur'an by Abdullah Al-Najjar and year

* New code of the Koran in the SARS Layyan

* Numerical and mathematical miracles of the Qur'an

* Azhar acknowledges the results of research in the light of faith Digital Miracles of the Qur'an

Does not have a clear text says that the imposition of the veil on Muslim women and do not torment in the grave

* What about the veil?

* The light is what I have said personal endeavor and not an advisory opinion

 * Truth newspaper specializing in the affairs of scientific miracles

* Beam of light shines from the house each full Pacers Layyan

* Mullah vary the arbitrator be led

Islamic Research Academy Aidae opinion rejects the legitimate Qzaih code Quran

Is The Islamic Research Academy program code Quranic

* Rule of Light help the reader to gain access to the eloquence of the Qur'an

D post. Continued and Najjar El Shahat soldier and confirm their support for the numerical code of the Koran

*D mark. Ibrahim Kamel and his wife the wedding of fourth child

* Three members of the Islamic Research Academy in the joy of his son code

* Competition for children in the sealing of the Holy Quran numerical

*Pacers center light of faith Layyan honors top students and orphans and outstanding technically and mathematically

* A new program draws true Torah and the Bible through the guidance the Holy Quran

* After a long wait .. announce a new surprise Anhashrkh code Quran

*Owners celebrate the wedding of their daughter blade Quran

*To celebrate the second blade to the owners of the Koran after the extraction of true divine books of the Qur'an Part I

*To celebrate the second blade to the owners of the Koran after the extraction of the Koran is true Ketbalsmoah Part II

* Celebration of the owners of the second code after the extraction of the Koran is true scriptures of the Koran Part III

* Celebration of the owners of the second code after the extraction of the Koran is true scriptures of the Koran Part IV

* Numerical miracles of the Holy Qur'an on the table, Dr. Ibrahim Kamel, mother of Noor

* Dr. Ibrahim Kamel and his wife are celebrating the beautiful light or newlyweds

* Delegate the presidency of the Republic and the Islamic Research Academy members and members of the People's Assembly and Shura Council are participating joys of each full

* Details of the joy of the owners of the first part of the Qur'an code

* Details of the joy of the owners of the Koran code Part II

Miracles of the Quran in the digital age, the first part of the pro Hvrhalqran

* Detection confirms the unity of religion and calls for world peace

* Divine books Bashraha carried letters to the media and officials on the Muslim world

* Scientific discovery confirms the Quran contain the previous divine books

Pacers center light of faith Layyan honors keepers of the Koran

* Code and valuable books and an invitation to faith and confirmation of the universality of Islam

* A statement issued by the Company (a's m) the last message on numerical miracles of the Holy Quran

*Quranic code are the fabrications Jewish rabbis

*Some Jewish rabbis who believe the Koran acknowledges the results of code.

* Aware of the correct site code Fiqidh owners of the Qur'an

* Jewish rabbis moderate results support the Quranic code

* Koran contains the secret of creation, and interpretation of the Koran Koran, the one hundred and four Msus and readable book on the three languages, competition center light of faith for the month of Ramadan

* Permanent or Noor Islamic world presents a Koran and valuable books in three languages

* Fans Menouf Layyan SARS and pay my own light to the parliament

* Social work focus of the masses stuck to my own light to enter Parliament

* Welcome-Azhar scholars own light and support the center light of faith in his research

* Noor Tsatd or women's issues in the constitution, citing divine

* Lays down rules or light affection and love between the spouses based on book values, "compassion and mercy," derived from the Quran

* Or proclaims a message of light to propagate to the value of books is derived from the Koran, "the constitution of the Islamic nation"

* A new book asserts that Islam is the religion of all prophets and the Koran out messages

* Fans Menouf SARS Layyan Sadat used to page the doctor or bright light

* Noor's mother the seventh version of Islam the religion of all prophets, beliefs, worship and one year of all prophets (to prove that the ancient Egyptians, united in God

* Or light between reality and expectations

* Center the light of faith Pacers Layyan radiates light across the globe

* Center the light of faith Pacers Layyan issued illuminated pages of women around the Prophet "peace be upon him"

* Um Noor announced that the mother is a school and motherhood are urethrae images of love in the Muslim community

* The nation's center with complete and I approach the doctrine, legislation and ethics for all people
(Confirmed by the Qur'an and the code has been corroborated fact in history)