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Introduction to how to extract programs, books


Note: - Please send your civilization from the name of the program with cereals in order to be sent

Activation code of each program

The Book
(Koran code)

The Torah THE ZABOUR THE Enjeel
THE FORKAN THE MONEY Changing Malicious With good The zakat
The Fasting The certificate  The prayer pilgrimage
The faith

Ibrahim manuscripts

The Unification The Koran (Book values)
 The piety The Livelihood The Reform The Secretariat
The Judgment The Water Affection compassion birth Agency
The work pray Honesty The Lying
The veil Death The Charity provisions
arts The right strenuousness Justice
repentance paradise forgiveness Miracle
expenditure conduct protection The Anger
The  messengers The Healing The Angels Polytheism
The first manuscripts inheritance For Allah the names of hosannas Generosity
punishments stray Link uterus The right of God
Right parents Human right in country Depending on Allah Eat up your property among yourself in vanity
The Reward and the punishment The past Nations The limits The neighbour
loving The Cooperation spirit The Creation
The Self The life of the world The heavens and the earth The devils
The Food and the drink Human right in his clan the science The worship
The Orphan the Women The Dress and adornment The Guidance
the Victory the goodness The retribution The Purity
The Testament The Night of Al Qadr The Melody The sins
The hypocrisy The Infidelity The Murders The Gossip
The envy The Magic The Thief The Apostasy
The Biography The Greed Houses which allowed Allah to raise his Name The Injustice
The Means The Parsimony The Publishing The stories
The war The Fire