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Competition and the prize of Ramadan Umrah .....details


Scientists used the various paths for objects miracle, which was the miracle of the Quran, the different methods, Msaleckhm in, and this in itself a facet of the trunks of the Koran, the more one looks, and management of its meaning and lived his style, thought he was unaware of it, and ignorant Which, however, comply with the requirement of the challenge in the Koranic miracle, and the fact that this challenge is heading mainly to what it should address the miraculous, made the trunks of Quranic scholars, speakers, fail miracle, the only side rhetoric, and who were aware of the meaning and dimensions of the challenge, because their genius in Arabic language, and their ability to distinguish ordinary and extraordinary layers usually speak, is enough recognition of the miracle of the Koran that those who have received the first time has acknowledged this miracle, and realized the nature alone! Or is the miracle, a challenge and an ongoing discourse continuing Quranic all times and places.

The Koran miracle and proof together, the miracle of sensory perception theoretical language, which enables him to the first Arab country they fell prostrate eloquence, and the miracle of the bets made by inference mental scientists go in his analysis of the multiple doctrines, and was able to compile in the manuals have been aware of God for good lot.
This is not temporary and the Koran miracle, the miracle was not only physical but eternal miracle, physical and moral, mental and fungal namely: Mushrooms aware and conscious of the mind, the Koran, had pointed out as the miracle and continuity (I'm We went above and I have to privates)
We have to put science in the service of the Koran, not a Koran in the service of scientific theories
The challenge Allah and the Koran by various methods, and power Sciences in all areas, including provisions relating to the numerical terms descends and arranging and writing, Jumaa This is replete with a diameter of the Sea is full of miracles and wonders and mysteries in the Sea of the Holy Koran as received from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ( Do not cease wonders) characterized the book of God Almighty that the book tightly in each of Sciences in addition to the provisions of the current staggering in its rank and descends arrangement, the method of collection and statistics, repeating the letters and words and verses and the entire fence, writers and characters and utter Alnoranih Majesty set by God to be the proof in writing and certainly those in physically tangible His heart doubt that the Quran book of God Almighty, God Almighty placed figures in the writing of the holy significance is understood by each and every Muslim to understand its significance of which
The meaning of miracle, is to źNews Quran fact demonstrated, for sure, the pilot, and has not proved possible means recognizing human time Prophet (PBUH), which shows the sincerity of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as told by its Rabbo, but this did not prevent his appearance Now through modern science in the age of electronics.



                     Al sharifah Dr .

     Hanaa Sayed Ahmed(Omm Nour)                    


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